The winners of the Archiprix International / Hunter Douglas Awards 2017 are.....

From the 385 graduation projects designed by 469 young architects, landscape architects and urban designers that were submitted for the Archiprix International Ahmedabad 2017, an international jury (Bimal Patel, Frida Escobedo, Yttje Feddes, Marina Tabassum and Steven Smith) nominated 23 projects for the 2017 Hunter Douglas Archiprix Awards. Out of these nominees, 8 winners were selected and announced at the award ceremony on Friday 10 February on the campus of CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India.

The winners of the Archiprix International Hunter Douglas Award 2017 on stage
from left to right: Hannah, Emanuel, Edgar, Alexander, Jason, Jonathon and Jennifer

The winners of the Hunter Douglas Awards 2017 are: (in alphabetical order):

Emanuel Astete, Ship Construction Museum. Celebrating the naval identity of Valdivia
Universidad de Chile, School of Architecture and Urbanism, Santiago, Chile
The jury: It is a simple idea, giving people a new identity by using something old, but the way this is done is far from simple.

Hannah Broatch, Housing for Construction Workers in Ahmedabad. Jugaad urbanism to empower a labour colony
Unitec New Zealand, School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, Auckland, New Zealand
The jury: The project is an excellent example of the social relevance of architecture.

Jonathon Donnelly and Jennifer McMaster, MA|UA. Museum of Architecture | Jørn Utzon Archive
University of Sydney, Architecture, Design and Planning, Sydney, Australia
The jury: The way form, space and light are deployed celebrates Utzon’s heritage in an entirely different language.

Alexander Gebetsroither
, I-710/I-105. More than infrastructure
Technische Universität Graz, Fakultät für Architektur, Graz, Austria
The jury: One function of architecture is to tell society how we might live in the future. This project is a rethinking of the city.

Yuan Jin, Through Thick and Thin. A celebration of spatial experiences
Rice University, School of Architecture, Houston, United States of America
The jury: The project is an exploration of the language of architecture. It challenges the whole idea of how we usually process our architectural spaces. 

Katarzyna Pankowska, City's Thermal Bath. Balancing body, mind and soul
Politechnika Warszawska, Wydzial Architektury, Warsaw, Poland
The jury: Among the many projects we saw that repurpose old structures by giving them new life and meaning, this is the project best explored.

Jason Tan, Badabing Badaboom. The politics of conditioned air in a Goldrush Boomtown
The National University of Singapore, Department of Architecture, Singapore
The jury: The project is a polemic statement disguised as an architectural project.

Edgard Alfredo Torres Torres, Rodolfo Alejandro Cespedes Muñoz, and Jonathan Alexander Mendez Osorio, Inhabiting highest in the Andes. Three works that value Maule’s cattlemen
University of Talca, School of Architecture, Talca, Chile
The jury: The project is very powerful statement about research into and the craft of making architecture

Henk van der Veen (mister Archiprix) is giving all young professional who participated in the Archiprix International 2017 the Archiprix book.